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 Is white bloom on the tongue dangerous for angina and how to remove it after an illness?

1. Why does white scurf appear on the tongue in case of angina?
2. When should you fight him?
3. When is it necessary to do anything with a touch?
4. What should be done with white bloom on the tongue in case of sore throat, with a fungal infection or with another associated disease?

 Can diarrhea be the first sign of flu?

True seasonal flu almost never begins with diarrhea. In general, diarrhea is an atypical enough symptom of the flu, it can develop in this disease, but this rarely happens. In most cases, stool disorders do not develop with this disease, and if it does, it is only at the culmination of the acute period of the disease, a few days after it has begun. I.e […]

 How is flu different from rotavirus infection?

Rotavirus infection differs from flu in symptoms, features of the disease, duration and danger.In general, it is easy to distinguish influenza from rotavirus infection, however, at home, with such a diagnosis, errors are possible due to the high frequency of abnormal occurrence of both diseases ...

snucone is an information assistant for those who suffer from a runny nose, sore throat or flu in any form.

On the site you can get answers to all questions that may excite a sick person who has had a cold or suffering from influenza:

  • How and where the infection occurred;
  • What should be done so that, although not pleasant, but not a severe rhinitis has no consequences and ends as soon as possible;
  • What distinguishes angina from the flu in the initial stages;
  • What to do if you have a sore throat, stuffy nose, a fever that is characteristic of the flu;
  • What medicines can be used and whether it is worth it at all without a doctor’s instructions
  • How to treat rhinitis or sore throat in children;
  • As usual taking certain medications than they can be dangerous;
  • What to do with allergic rhinitis;
  • How to deal with chronic forms of disease ...

and many, many others.

For example, now you can find out:

  1. What is important for parents to know about the cold in infants
  2. How to conduct inhalation with a cold
  3. How can you quickly cure a cold

The site contains not only theoretical articles and reviews. We try to answer the most relevant questions from visitors, give detailed instructions on how to act in case of various colds, how to distinguish symptoms, how to interact with doctors.

We are in no way responsible for the actions of our readers after reading the articles. To treat the flu or to fight with angina should only be a doctor, our task is to help the reader understand what is happening with his body, what and how dangerous a particular condition is, how and why treatment is carried out at a particular stage.

Armed with this knowledge, our users react adequately, correctly and on time to the symptoms of diseases, do not panic, but don’t wait for the cold or flu to knock them off, and snot will wet a handkerchief. They consciously communicate with doctors, do not allow themselves to be deceived and “diluted” with expensive drugs, they can appreciate the professionalism of the doctor, they do not make silly mistakes.

We sincerely hope that snucone will help you quickly and without consequences to cope with a cold.And even better - to prevent its occurrence and development. And immediately recommend: believe in your body, be alert and do not delay your visit to the doctor. And for the answers to all your questions - welcome!


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